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Epner Technology is our trusted precious metal plating partner.  Please contact for an introduction to an Epner Technology plating specialist.  <<click here to see the list of substrates plated on and precious metal with below>>

Laser Gold
Laser Gold plating is a proprietary, pure, hard electrochemically deposited gold coating that combines the theoretical reflectivity and emissivity of gold, with a surface that can actually be physically cleaned.


Specification Plating
Epner works in accordance with all applicable ASTM, AMS, MIL, and Prime Contractor specifications. Epner maintains a Quality System implementing ISO 9001:2008.

Light Pipes and Homogenizers
Epner Technology manufactures custom designed Infrared Light Pipes, Hollow Waveguides and Homoginizers. These are tubes lined with a highly polished infrared reflective coating of Laser Gold.


Plating on Plastic and Difficult Substrates
Some of the earliest patents for plating on plastics were owned by Epner Technology. They were for gold plating plastic military buttons and insignia during World War II, saving millions of pounds of brass being use for shell casings.


Laser Black
A velvet-like metallic oxide, Laser Black is an inorganic coating that will not out-gas. It can be applied to any substrate that can withstand 100C. It has been said that, “It seems to swallow light.”


High-Q Silver
Epner Technology offers an ultra pure, un-brightened, type 1 matte silver that achieves its brightness not with organic brighteners, but rather grain refiners that enhance its crystal structure.


Works of Art
Epner Technology set up a division that draws on its high technology know-how and applies it to the world of art, sculpture and jewelry, in order to contribute to the artist’s creativity.


Laser Gold Thermal Foil
A copper foil .001″ thick (0,025 mm) is coated with Laser Gold for the ultimate thermal control barrier. The auto race car market has driven the need to protect carbon fiber components from the blistering heat generated by the engine and exhaust system.


 Materials Plated On:                            Precious Metals Plated:

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