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3D Printing also known as additive manufacturing is an emerging manufacturing technology both for prototyping and lower volume production.  PAC is utilizing the process for ceramic, metal and plastic components both for prototypes and production.  Some component designs can only be manufactured using 3D printing due to their complexity and/or having areas that can not be removed from a mold or interior features that can not be machined.

3D printing of metal and ceramics require a sintering step.  Most metals are either laser or electron beam sintered while printing.  Most ceramics are sintered in a furnace at the recommended temperatures for the specific ceramic material.  Plastics are usually cured with either a UV laser during the printing process or UV light once printed.

PAC can provide complete 3D printed components in most ceramic, metal and plastic materials.  We can use your 3D model or scan a component for reproduction.  <<<See our 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing partners below>>>

PAC Trusted Additive Manufacturing Partners:


Ceramco Corp. located in Center Conway, NH is our trusted CERAMICS AM partner.  Currently the only commercial supplier of additive manufacturing of ceramics in the USA.  They also provide low pressure and high pressure (CIM) ceramic injection molding as well as ceramic micro injection molding, as low as 0.05 grams.



Polymers & Plastics:


Contact PAC at to be introduced to an appro.priate Additive Manufacturing engineer at Ceramco and S.A.M.

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