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Injection Molding of ceramics, metals and plastics is a high volume process based on specifically designed tooling and low labor costs.  Plastic IM has been a staple for most industries for many years.  Ceramics and metals are also now dialed in as commodity type processes.  Typical higher tooling costs allow for lower piece prices for your parts   

PAC trusted Injection Molding Partners:


Ceramco Corp. located in Center Conway, NH is our trusted CERAMIC IM partner.  100 to 10,000 Pieces - Ceramco manufactures highly-configured, complex-shaped ceramic parts. Understanding what we make may suggest economies of scale define what constitutes a large quantity order. Ceramco’s near-net shape production process results in parts providing satisfactory precision regardless of quantity. This means production orders of 100 to 10,000 pieces (typically) are produced with minimal tooling and little or no machining.

50,000 Pieces or More (Annually) – At this volume Ceramco’s engineers employ both automation techniques and higher capacity tooling. These are necessary to satisfy the increased volume requirements and maintain the precision of critical custom ceramic parts features. Ceramco’s near-net shape production process keeps follow-up machining to a minimum, improving the cost per part savings on these larger orders.




AdvanTech Plastics located outside Chicago in Woodstock, IL. is our trusted plastic injection molding partner.  AdvanTech is committed to providing the resources and expertise to meet your injection molding requirements with flawless execution, globally-competitive pricing, and true on-time, zero-defect performance.   AdvanTech Plastics strives to ensure world-class results providing design engineering, mold-design and build, molding, and secondary operations. Our engineers and staff have the knowledge base, experience and a zero-defect mentality to ensure efficient designs, rapid cycle-times, obsessive attention to tolerances, and on-time delivery.

AdvanTech has opened a new second molding facility with high capacity material handling capabilities including multiple rail spurs and silos.  The facility will focus on long run 24/7 automated molding operations for packaging markets.  Future clean room molding capabilities for medical markets are also planned for this facility.

Contact PAC at to be introduced to an appropriate Injection Molding engineer at Ceramco and AdvanTech Plastics.

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