Case Studies and Articles:

“Target Technology®Ready to use Microelectronic AuSn Solder Pad Chip Carriers.  This article provides insight into various materials and configurations used in managing solder bonding, thermal and dielectric requirements in micro electronics.  

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Thin Film Materials    NOW AVAILABLE​

  • Do you use materials for Thin Film projects?

  • Do you do sputtering, PVD or CVD

We now offer an extensive range of materials in Planar, Rotary and Evaporation formats. Targets can be mounted for any specific equipment or on standard mounts.  Crucibles are also available.


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“High Density Powdered Metal Components”   NOW AVAILABLE

"HI-IMPAC" High Density PM Parts

This solution provides over a 40% cost savings when compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as turning, milling or EDM. 


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