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PAC started as a manufacturer's rep organization in 2006.  Our Goal was to provide our customer base of over 1,000 technical OEM companies with the specific components they required for their products.  Our main product for several years was technical ceramic components and value added processes for those components such as metallization and ceramic to metal assemblies.  Since then PAC has evolved into a more complete solutions provider with a customer base of over 2,500 OEM companies.

We currently provide access to many suppliers of critical technologies that allow our customers to develop products that are as cost effective as possible by integrating their designs with technologies that simplify manufacturing processes and fulfilling their requirements for development and production.

Recently we have begun providing additive manufacturing (3D printing) capabilities for ceramics and metals. This allows our customers to achieve proof of concept and prototype components without the high cost of tooling and can be achieved in a fraction of the time it takes to get prototypes from conventional manufacturing. It also allows for the manufacture of components that simply can't be made any other way. 

You can review all of our capabilities in the critical technologies section of this website.

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