In 2006 PAC was established as an effort to bring our customer base a more complete product offering. As applications engineers our purpose is to aid in the simplification and manufacturability of our customers current and development projects. With decades of experience count on PAC for complete engineering and purchasing support of your technical materials, components, assemblies and coatings.

Critical Technologies

PAC has developed an outstanding array of technology partners with substantial capabilities.  These capabilities are extended to our clients in the development of their products.  With our clients designs we provide complete manufacturing processes from proof of concept to high volume production.  All manufacturing is done under ISO9000 certification.

PAC Service

At PAC Service is our main product.  We wholeheartedly strive to provide complete and timely information to our customers and technology partners.  Your engineering, quality and applications professionals have complete access to PAC engineers and all program affiliated technology partner engineers and supporting staff.

News Update

High Density

Powdered Metal


This solution provides over a 40% cost savings when compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as turning, milling or EDM

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