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Critical Technologies:

The manufacturing of a product should be considered in the design phase.  Many times we design an excellent product and find that it is very complicated to manufacture.  Proof of concept, prototypes and preproduction manufacturing can be significantly reduced in cost and time if we consider the manufacturing process in the design phase.  Products that are currently being manufactured can benefit from a review of materials, and manufacturing processes.  There are new materials and techniques developed everyday.  Since 2006 PAC has assisted thousands of clients with their development, redesign and cost reduction programs.


PAC has been a materials driven company since our inception. It has been our goal to develop close partner relationships with the most qualified and respected suppliers of materials, components, assemblies and coatings in their industries.  


PAC takes materials to the next level with a broad array of processes for creating the components and assemblies to meet your requirements.  PAC and our partner engineers will provide complete design and production assistance and bring your products to market. 

Markets & Applications:
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PAC Markets and Applications are as diverse as our material and process offerings.  Technical components and assemblies are used in everything from cellphones to satellites.  We are confident we can manufacture your requirements

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