PAC manufacturing processes are designed to provide the highest quality components and assemblies for application specific requirements.  By designing in the best processes for Proof of Concept, Prototypes and Production Quantities, PAC can provide the most cost effective, highest quality programs for your products.  Go to the Markets & Applications page for a list of what can be made using these processes.

You can also click on the highlighted links below for processes details and examples

Available Technologies & Processes:

3D Printing - Ceramic/Metal/Plastic     Injection Molding - Ceramic/Metal/Plastic      Direct Bond Copper   Cu on AlN & Al2O3


Ceramic Metallization                           Active Metal Brazing of Ceramics                  Furnace Brazing

Photo-Chemical Etching                       Diffusion Bonding                                           Vacuum Brazing

Ceramic Components     Formed - Fired/Sintered -  Green Machine - Diamond Grind - Glazed - Assembled

Powdered Metal Components     Formed - Fired/Sintered -  Green Machine - CNC Machined - Assembled

Precious Metal Plating     Au - Pt - Rh - Ag - Ni - Cu  /  Electrolytic & E-less / Lubricious / Custom

Machined Components     All Metals - Plastics - Ceramics - Composites (see Materials page)

Thin Film Coatings    CVD - PVD - Electron Beam - Sputtering

Thick Film Coatings    Au - Ag - Ni - Cu - Mo/Mn - Ti / Custom

Optics & Optoelectronics     COMING SOON

Laser Processing     Cutting - Dicing - Welding - Sintering - Marking/Scribing

Power Electronics     Power Supplies - DC to DC Converters & High Voltage Converters - Sockets - Cables and Cable Assemblies